Monday, June 20, 2011

Reading to Mrs Young's mother

We waited until our gingerbread men were finished baking and read to Mrs Winquist. Then we showed her our gumboots dance. She loved it.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Go to to find great games on the Year 1 and Year 2 work.
 Work through the site and have fun.

Learning about numbers that are greater than or less than... on PhotoPeach

Maths - WAL about numbers that are greater than or less than...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tuesday art gallery

Dear Parents
Please remember to put your child's morning tea and lunch in a named plastic bag as the 4 adults have to carry 6 lunches each and the bulky plastic containers can make it akward for us to manage.
The water bottles must be named too thanks.
Ingrid Young

Full marks for spelling test List 3! Well done children! Ka pai!

Meerkat artwork

We learnt to draw and paint meerkat. While painting we learnt about tone - starting with white and adding darker tones of yellow and orange.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Great way to learn spelling

Dear Parents and Children
If you go to the spelling city site
you will see Ingrid Young. Click on the name and a number of spelling lists will come up.

Next find the spelling list that your child is currently on.
Get your child to login as a pupil and remember to keep the login details.
Record in these  inside the front cover of their reading log book.

Now they are all set for a great spelling experience.
First there is the pre-test. Then there a variety of games to play, utilising those very words.
Its a lot of fun to go on e.g. Hangmouse!

I will show them on the IWB tomorrow if you are having trouble they should be able to help you.
Its an easy and fun way to learn spelling and they will use the login details at school when we do a rotation of reading, writing and spelling games each week.

Have fun
Ingrid Young

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ash Wednesday 2.15

2.15 Wednesday 9 March 2011
Dear Parents and Friends
Please feel free to join us as our schools starts its Lenten journey on Wednesday with a short liturgy as we are reminded to live the Gospel values.
Mrs Young and Room9


All of the children have a list of 10 words to learn this week from List 1 . They are pasted in their reading books. Please look at the highlighted words which show the words that are tricky (exceptions to phonetic rules).
Ask your child to spell the first 10 words - verbally or written - and then there should only be a couple of words that are challenging - and that means they will only have around 4 words to learn at the most each week.

The whole system is designed for children to feel successful when they achieve full marks.The aim is to be able to spell 100 words by the end of the 10th list. Tests are held on Fridays and next week I will introduce all of them to Spelling City to the lists of words that I have on the Internet. It is a way to play games using the very words they have to learn that week.

Two children have already passed this first level and are currently operating in their spelling exercise books which they have in their bookbag. They also have 10 words to learn. They will work on the exercise on Wednesdays in class and complete the work by Friday. 

Each child will make a graph to plot their progress of (hopefully) full marks throughout the 100 words. Unless they have a sequential memory problem most children should achieve full marks if they revise these words from Monday to Friday. I have found this exercise to be beneficial to both reading and writng. We like to celebrate success in Room 9!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy birthday dear Daniel!

                                                        Hip! Hip! HOORAY!

Responsible workers are proud workers!

                                          Keep up the good work everyone!

Super Spellers!

These boys are Room 9's super spellers! They are in the top four in the class. Great work!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 3 Term 1 Mass Meet the teacher evening T.O.D. ZOO trip

Dear Parents
  • Tomorrow  (Tuesday) we have our school mass at 9.15. Reuben will be our class representative and carry our candle.
  • Can you also please return the forms for the zoo trip tomorrow as we need to plan for this outing and this Friday is not a school day as the whole staff is getting Professional Development in Literacy dev.
  • There are also health forms that need to be returned please.
  • The "Meet the Teacher Evening" is on Wednesday at 6.30pm in Room 10 for the 3 Year 2 classes. Then we will go to the hall where we will continue with a little information about our R.E. programme followed by an outline of how we are teaching children to be good leaders, responsible for their actions, etc.
  • Next Monday is the zoo trip -21st February.
  • Thanks for joining as followers. It will be fun for the class to see their grandparents different parts of the world as well as we view the red dots increasing on the world map - it helps them to learn a little geography too.

Please record the name of the book which your child read today on the next page of their reading/note book which they took home today: e.g.
 Week 3
Monday: I like Worms

Week 4
Mon.         etc.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Below you will see a sample of the art which we did today.

In Room 9 the topic is identity. Could you please help your child to either cut out pictures that relate to their identity or to bring in paper copies of smallish photos to paste into their topic books - 4 or 5.
It may be about their ethnic origins, e.g. clothes/foods, countries of origin, what they do for fun as a family e.g. cycle together or go for walks, picnics, beach trips etc. Possibly a photo of a favourite sport/toy/stuffed animal.
Thank you
Ingrid Young

Working at our tables

A busy two days in the first week

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 1 Term 1 in Room 9 3 February 2011

Welcome to our Room 9 blog. We are learning to (WALT) write and our goal is to learn to type on the computer and add photographs. Mrs Young will teach us how to do this - she is learning about how to create a blog thanks to her clever teacher friend Anne Kennealy. On Fridays she will post photographs and information for parents.
Parents - please join us for prayers if you have the time and then when we leave to start our fitness break, please leave quickly. Help your child to become independent by saying goodbye once and walking away. This reduces tears and makes it easier for your child to adjust to class routines. (Don't let them see if you are feeling emotional - they will be confident if you are).
 During the first 2 weeks the children and I will need to get used to each other and then I will post a list up on the door for parents who would like to stay on to work with a group during writing time. We have a wonderful teacher aide named Cindy who will work with different groups to free me up to work with all the children.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Welcome to Room 9

Hi everybody and welcome to my Room 9 blog. We aim to try to keep you up to date with what we have been doing in class. More details will soon be added and that will include pictures.
Ingrid Young (Mrs)